Cachaça Fuzuê

Cachaça Clássica

Original Taste

Bottled to ensure the original profile obtained at the moment of distillation, the Clássica version is an excellent choice for cocktails. Its unique aroma matches perfectly with fruits and syrups during drinks preparation.



Cachaça Armazenada

Brazilian Taste

Stored in caks of Amendoim do Brazil , this wood brings a light yellow color , soft aroma and low interference during aging process.  Our Armazenada version has velvet flavor with long and pleasant after taste, while keeping the original characteristics of the cachaça.

"The best organic sugar cane, harvested in the property and immediately processed"

Quality at first

Awarded Distillery 

Located in the rural area of Rio Claro, a small town in São Paulo state, Engenho Zurita maintains the tradition of producing cachaças without using chemical additives and focused on environmental responsibility. In this zone, characterized by the hot climate and surrounded by green fields of sugarcane, a family passionate by this Brazilian beverage dedicates time to make artisanal cachaças with a high-quality standard, limited organic production and selective distribution.


1st Place 2015 UNESP - Pura

1st Place 2014 UNESP - Descansada

1st Place 2013 UNESP - Pura

3rd Place 2010 UNESP - Pura



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